Making Christmas Memories

We had a fun Christmas/Busy weekend this weekend.

Friday- I grabbed Grayson from school, got baby donuts and then went and grabbed Lib and B so that they could all go to a movie at the library with Aunt Halli. I picked them (love having the van that they can all fit in!) dropped off some mail at the Post Office and then we headed to pick up Michael and make our way to Aunt Halli's work. We dropped off the kiddos and then headed to get fingers and fries from Ed's ( a local dive bar with the best finger/wing sauce ever) we went home and ate way to much and just relaxed. Grayson spent the night at GiGi's house after the movie so I got some good solid sleep.

Saturday- My Mom clock had be up at 6:30. It seems that I can't sleep past 7 anymore so I just got up and got to work on laundry. I changed all the sheets on the beds and washed all the clothes and put them away! That is a huge thing for me because sometimes we live out of baskets for weeks days before I put them away. Grayson came home and then Michael and then we got to work on building Grayson's dresser for his room. We took a break for dinner and then finished up the frame before calling it a night.

Sunday- I decided to have a fun day with Grayson. We make an Olaf cookie and I forgot to take a picture before we dug into it ha! But this is the pan I used
 Product Details
and I got it at Bon-Ton for $3.00 so it was for sure worth it. But I linked to it on Amazon here

Then we had nap and watched our Bills lose again, just heartbreaking. After dinner we finished the dresser and got all this clothes put away and organized then we decorated our Gingerbread house. I bought this one and it comes already put together which I loved and we just had to decorate.

His favorite part:having Daddy squeeze frosting in his mouth.

We did baths and bedtime and then Michael and I watched the 30 for 30 on ESPN about our Bills and the Four Falls. Ahhh so close but never got here for the big Superbowl win. But the only franchise to go 4 times in a row. Now our city says just one before I die and that is what we are all hoping for. Tim Russert (who was born in Buffalo) said in the film being a Bills fan is a way of life and you can only understand that if your from here and it's true we live for our Bills through it all, even the wide right.

Now we have a busy week coming up. Grayson has his school party, and we have Christmas with my brother on Saturday and our cookie baking on Sunday. Here's hoping my pregnant body keeps going strong just until the New Year!