What's up Wednesday err Thursday

What are we eating

Grilled everything. Hot dogs, chicken, steak, corn. Just grilled everything. It's easy clean up.

What I'm remincsing about

Our anniversary trip to Toronto last year. This year we are doing a staycation because a) time and b) time. But I loved exploring that city with my honey.

At the CN Tower I think we were on the observation deck

What I'm loving

My essential oils. I just bought a kit so stay tuned I'm working on a post how we are putting these to good use.

What we've been up to

Swimming and taking care of babies. Oh Grayson went to the Star Wars night at the baseball park with my parents and had a blast but still won't go near a single character. Disney is not in our future anytime soon

What I'm dreading

My mom going back to school. That means that I'm solo getting 3 kids ready for daycare to leave the house before 6:15. Ahhhh

What I'm working on

My oils post and getting my family of 5 (!!!! it's still weird saying that) as organized as possible for my sisters wedding. I have a bin that I have been putting everything in that I need.

What I'm excited about 

The wedding and our anniversary trip. Michael and I have not had time to ourselves since I got pregnant. Sure my mom would take Grayson on the weekends sometimes but let's face it I was huge so we stayed home and did nothing. I'm excited to have 2 nights alone just us away from the house.

What I'm watching/reading

Watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It's on netflix, it's hilarious, I'm addicted. I'm reading my oil books.

I'm listening to 

H.O.L.Y by FLG because Grayson loves it. He calls it his I love you song.

What I'm wearing

Skiping this. I'm in that akwards non maternity/maternity clothes state. But my body is changing everyday and I refuse to buy clothes in every size so I look awful most days.

What I'm doing this weekend

Celebrating my Aunt's birthday at the lake and kissing my babies

What I'm looking forward to next month

Again wedding, anniversary trip, and a pedicure!

What else is new

The babies are growing, Grayson is the best big brother ever and we are just living life

Favorite part about summer

Having the babies here we love them so much and going swimming with Grayson after school most days. I love that time just him and I!