My hamster wheel

I live on a hamster wheel. I mean that in the best most loving way ever. Really I do. I love my babies so hard but because of them I live on a hamster wheel.

Going back to work has been a little bit more of a transition than I thought. It's just once I get home and we eat dinner and get ready for the next day and feed the babies and do baths and then feed the babies again and then get everyone into bed I'm sitting down for the first time at around 9 at night. Exhausted. But I need time to unwind so I stay up for at least another half an hour watching a mindless show so that I can just shut my brain off from my never ending to do list.

One thing twins has taught me, and really having 3 kids 3 and under has taught me is that I can't do it all. I have learned to say no, and to let the little things go.

I suck at pictures but here is our typical work day routine (when Michael is also working)

4:45 my alarm goes off, I check on the babies over the monitor and see they are moving but not crying so I rush around to get dressed ( I try to lay my clothes out the night before) and start my hair/make up. I shower the night before so that's off my plate.

5:15 I feed whoever is more awake, usually Marshall, once he is done I put him in the swing or boppy and grab Charlotte. Diaper changes and feeding happens now. They eat around 4-5.5 ounces this bottle.

6:00 My mom gets to my house and takes over the babies while I go get Grayson up. We snuggle for a second and then head downstairs.

6:10 I work on getting him dressed, making my coffee, brushing his teeth and putting my lunch in my lunch bag.

6:25 we are headed out the door after kissing the babies a hundred times goodbye, and Grayson usually lets me give them once kiss too. He always says "See you later Marshy Moo Moo I will miss you so much today, Oh don't worry Char Char I will miss you too!" It melts my heart every time.

6:30 We are pulling out of the driveway and headed to drop him off at school. We talk to Michael now most days but if he can't talk then we listen to music.

6:55 drop off Grayson and head to work.

7:00 I'm at work boot up my computer and hunker down for the day.

3:35 I'm at school picking up Grayson and heading home.

4:10 We are home! I kiss Michael and the babies and then Grayson and I usually head outside to swim, it has been in the 90's here for the last 2 weeks so we get a quick swim in.I always offer for Michael to go in and sometimes he will and I will sit with the twins.

4:50 We are back in the house and Michael is starting dinner. We try to do quick dinners and we do a crock pot meal at least once a week.

5:15 We eat usually while jiggling a baby because 5 starts witching hour.

6:00 The babies eat and then usually grab a cat nap.

6:30 Michael will clean up dinner, make lunches, and get everything ready for the next day as well as grab PJ's for all the kids.

7:00 Grayson's bath time. We alternate the babies giving them baths every other night and usually do this around now too. We also alternate who gives baths/who takes Grayson to bed. Most nights though Michael gives bath I do bed time only so he can get to bed earlier if the babies go to sleep fast.

7:30 ish the babies get another bottle and are usually asleep between 8 and 8:30. Michael heads up once they are feed and at least one of them is asleep upstairs.

8:30 I snuggle with Grayson and then we head up to bed and read two books, sing one song, he tells me one story and then we snuggle for one more minute and I head out. On a good night this takes 15 mins and I don't have to go back in but most nights I'm in his room at least one more time because he's hot/cold/scared/sniffly/needs to wash his hands and any other crazy excuse he has to extend bed time.

9:00 I finally have sometime to get the things I need around for the next day I pick out my clothes see if I can go one more day without washing my hair and shower. Then I watch about 20 mins of a show on Netflix and then go to bed

I'm usually upstairs in bed and asleep around 10 and then we start it all over again the next day!

Now are you wondering how the house gets cleaned and my laundry gets done? My mom watches the babies 3 days a week and well she does it all. Not because we ask her too, actually we tell her not too, but she does it anyway so that when we get home we can devote our time to our kids. When I came home from work the first day and she had done the laundry all 5 loads of it I cried. I don't know what I'm going to do when she is back at work and the babies are at daycare, but I feel so incredibly blessed for all the she is doing for us. She keeps telling me that she has it easy because Grayson is at school so when the babies are sleeping she really does have the free time to scrub the bathroom and mop the floors, where as when I'm home on the weekends and when Michael is off we have Grayson with us so when the babies are sleeping we get to give him one on one time. She is one amazing women.

So that's our days for now. I'm know in a few weeks it will change when the babies start eating cereal, and then when they start daycare. We will be going through another adjustment period, and I'm sure then it will get even crazier.