2 month twin update!

This is super late (they will be 3 months on Thursday oops!) but better late than never because guess what I never did their one month update. OH well.

The babies are growing like weeds. And we all know I love a good fat baby so I'm in heaven. First up our girl Charlotte.

Baby Girl,
You are for sure my most relaxed baby ever. A true observer. You are content just laying on your play mat looking around. Your not phased by your brothers at all and trust me they both can be loud. Your currently weighting in at 11 pounds 8 ounces so you have almost doubled your birth weight and your now 22.5 inches. Your long and lean my sweet girl. You are too long for your 3 month sleepers and onsies so onto six months we go! You for sure don't eat as much as your brother but sometimes you go to town and suck down your full bottle. I'm just in love with you. I went shopping for some clothes for you the other day and I had to practice some restraint because I could have bought the whole store. You are just sweet and put up with your big brother loving on you like crazy. You just stare at him like he is the best thing since sliced bread. I hope you always feel that way about him. You and your brother are on the same schedule, you both eat every 3 hours once you wake up which is anywhere between 4 and 6 in the morning then after your 6-7 bottle you get a dream feed around 8-9 and sleep until the morning so you both are giving me about 7-9 hours a night and this mama will take it. Naps are still cat naps but I think once we start rice cereal (at 4 months) we will be able to start a more consistent nap routine. These last 2 months with you sweet Charlotte have flown by and I can't wait to watch you grow just don't do it too fast, my sweet girl. Nicknames are Char Char, Sis, Sissy, Charlips, and Ruby (because you sare still holding strong with that red hair!)

My Baby Boy,
Yes your the baby of the family (by 2 mins) but your a chunker. You weigh 12 pounds 5 ounces and are 22.5 inches long. You are one pound away from doubling your birthweight and you will get there soon because you love to eat. Even though it takes you forever we are hoping to get that under control. We think you have silent reflux which is so so different from your big brother who had traditional acid reflux. You don't projectile spit up like normal you just scream through most bottles and then proceed to scream out in pain about every half an hour until bed time. When you do spit up it's not a ton but it is chunky and smells awful like it has sat in your throat since you last ate. You calm down pretty easy and have the best dimples. Your cheeks I could just eat them up and you are a kicker. You are a light sleeper and that sucks but we don't quite down for you, you just need to figure it out. You hate the play mat and would much preffer to be in your little chair that we have for you. Any time anyone talks to you you smile so big. You love your big brother and that he will pull that dang turtle on your chair for you 154854 times.in.a.row. You like the swing more than your sister and take some naps in there. I have loved watching you change from a scrawny baby to a chunky one that looks just like his big brother (seriously crazy). I can't wait to see you keep growning, I love you my dimpled boy. Nicknames are Marsh Marsh, Marshy moo, Marshkall and Marshall man.

Having twins is a game changer and although they are the same exact age such differnt babies. I love them more than words can say and I'm equally excited and terrified to see them grow. I will soak this all in because these are my last babies and I don't want to miss or forget anything!