Busy Busy Busy Fourth of July weekend (a week late!)

The fourth of July weekend was just plain busy I think that anytime we have to leave the house with all the kids it's crazy but we still have to do it because it's summer! and we must get out! And I know this is a week late but the week following this weekend was just as crazy ha! I think crazy it our new normal.

So Friday I picked up my biggest boy from school and we went grocery shopping. Big mistake. It was the Friday before a holiday weekend and it was just a mad house. My boy was a trooper though and some baby doughnuts while he cruised in the race car cart made him super happy. We picked up dinner on the way home and then relaxed for the night and just prayed that we could get through the witching hour with the twins. They do just so happen to have the same exact witching hour that lasts not one but two hours, and that time just happens to be when we eat dinner and do baths so most nights are spent holding a baby while trying to eat, ahh life as a parent.

Saturday my sister came and got Grayson to take him to the local touch a firetruck event that was going on in her town. He climbed up on the truck and then promptly asked for a ride because the other 2 times he has been to a touch a truck even they were also giving rides. Ha! They told him it was out of gas and he was fine with that. They came back and she took him outside to play in the back yard before it got too hot and I got a chance to jump in the shower. Then it was naps for everyone and I got us all packed up to head to my Aunts reitrement party. Michael came home showered and then we headed out. It was a fun low key party but I'm so glad I had the forethought to throw Grayson's bike in the back of the van and text my sister in law to do the same for Brayden because my Grandma's backyard was maxed out on space with people but they got to ride their bikes in the driveway the whole entire night, when they weren't busy eating freeze pops and playing Star Wars. We got home and got everyone in bed.

Sunday we stayed pretty low key at home until Michael got home and then we packed up and headed to my brothers for a cookout and to watch the parade in their town that night. Grayson went to the parade with everyone while Michael and I stayed back with the twins because a) it was hot out and b) the firetrucks are just too plain loud for their little ears. Michael cooked dinner up while they were gone and when everyone got back we ate and then all the men went out front and played corn hole (bags) until it was too dark to see. We didn't get home until 10 and then everyone crashed.

Monday the 4th my Mom called and asked to have Grayson for the day and keep him overnight. My Aunt picked him up and took him over there and they went to the parade, jumped in bounce houses, swam, did poppers, conffetti poppers, sparklers, smores and watched the fireworks. It broke my heart to be away from him but there is no way to do all that with the twins in tow so I'm very thankful that my parents, sister and aunt made sure he had an amazing fourth. Next year will be so different and we can all go to the parade. Michael and I stayed home and checked off a ton of stuff from our list.

Tuesday I only worked for a few hours because my sweet babies had their 2 month check up. They are getting huge and I have a 2 month post coming up tomorrow. We went right from there to pick up Grayson from my parents house and then spend some time as a family. Mema called and asked if she could take Grayson overnight because she wanted to take him to the drive in to Finding Dory. He was so excited and so he left us for another night. Man I miss that boy when he's gone.

Overall we had a busy but family filled productive weekend.