Life Around Here

It's pretty crazy.....

Michael and I just had a talk the other day how we have to let go of how it was when Grayson was a baby. We both kept saying " we don't remember Grayson doing..." or " We could get so much more done when Grayson was a baby" and then I said to him we have got to stop that. I mean one- we have two babies and two- we also have a 3 year old. It's so different and we just have to give eachother and ourselves a little bit of grace and just get done what we can.

Monday's and Tuesday's are our days together as a family and always seem jam packed.

Monday we get up after having about 6 hours of broken sleep(usually 2-3 hour stretches) around 6:30-7 and we feed the babies while Grayson eats breakfast and watches a show. I use the term watch loosely because he is usually up pulling out a million and one toys all of which he needs you to turn on or fix while your trying to feed one of the babies or your in the middle of chaning a diaper.

That is usually done around 7:45 and Michael and I gulp down some coffee and breakfast and make out a grocery list. Now that I'm feeling better from the c-section I take Grayson with me to run errands. We grocery shop, get baby supplies (all the diapers), and usually have a few more stops like the bank or post office. We try to leave around 9 and get back between 11:30 and 12 it just depends on where we have to go. Then it's nap for Grayson and project time for Michael and I. This week we built our new dresser that we are using as the TV stand in the living room. The week before we started some work outside and going through the baby room. We use this chunk of time to get things done.

After that it seems like a complete mess. The babies eat again around 3 which is usually when Grayson wakes up. Then him and Michael head outside to do some yard work while I start dinner/ lunch prep for the week. Then we eat. Then it's dishes and washing bottles. Bath for Grayson. Then the babies eat again at 7. Grayson goes up to bed around 8 then we just crash. If the babies let us.

Right now they are on a rough eating schedule of 7, 11 and 3. So we are up twice through out the night and when we can do it together it takes about half an hour.

Tuesday's we try to stay home. Finish up yard work (Michael mows on this day) I get all of our computer stuff done, pay bills, fill out forms, write thank you cards. Then it's laundry and baby snuggles for me. Tuesday night we normally have leftovers so that I can get lunches for Michael prepped for the week. Then bath time for all 3 kiddos and after the last feeding at 7 I'm on my own for the night.

Wednesday- Friday are pretty much the same. I get Grayson up around 6:15 and dressed for school. My parent's pick him up and take him and then I'm on baby feeding all day trying to squeeze in a nap or shower and some small household chores. I try to pick one thing a day like dusting, dishes, vaccuming. But if I get nothing done because I'm busy holding a baby then so be it..

Saturday and Sunday are crazy. I usually have any where from 3-4 visitors. My mom comes on one of those days for a few hours and sends me to my bed room to get a few hours of uninteruppted sleep.

We are just doing the best we can and letting go of things that just don't get done at the end of the day. Giving ourselves a pass has been the best thing and since we have started to let the little things go we have been less stressed and more well rested. Sleep always wins in this house right now. We are planning on trying to get in a date night just the two of us sometime soon and a date night with just Grayson in the next week. Boy needs some big boy time with just us.

Happy Wednesday!