I really am.

No I didn't make any crafts today, or make some 3 course meal. But I did many things that give me SUPER MOM status.

Let's start from the beginning of my day.

5:45 am I got my threenager up and dressed in time for my sister to pick him up for school. We had no tears or time outs so that gives me my status right off the bat. I could have stopped there but I didn't.

I made a cup of coffee and fed my 5 week old twins. They both burped without spitting up and then they went back to sleep. All the praise hands out there because yay!!! I drank my coffee warm. Again SUPER MOM!!!

I talked to my husband on one of his breaks and got to give him undivided attention. Okay this one is SUPER WIFE status but I'm counting it.

I fed the babies again and got them dressed in outfits... SUPER MOM.

Then I did 2 loads of laundry, I pulled out all of Grayson's summer clothes and organized the twins clothes ( I already had to pack up newborn clothes how is that possible already?)

I made a second cup of coffee.

I washed all 16 bottles (and that is just one days worth because #twinlife)

I fed babies again and then realized my coffee was cold but wait I'm still SUPER MOM because I just dumped it over ice and pretended I got to get out of the house and get a fancy iced coffee.

I refilled our k-cups, put away all the clean bibs and burp cloths, put away diapers. Packed the diaper bag for tomorrow.

When Grayson got home I made him a smoothie for dinner with spinach in it and he ate it!!!!

I gave all 3 kids baths.

I made Michael lunch.

I made a list of all the errands I need to get done tomorrow and a list of questions I have for the doctor about the twins.

I went to bed before midnight.

Sure this seems like an average day, but I did it all. I survived, I didn't lose my mind and that makes me SUPER MOM.

Everyday I do things that help my family. Nope we are not all Pintrest crafty over here. My bathroom sink has toothpaste all over it. I still have 4 loads of laundry that need to get done. My sons toy room looks like it exploded. And if I really focused on all those things I would feel like a mom failure. However, in this stage in my life, in this moment in time I need to focus on what I did do.

I'm Katlin and I'm a SUPER MOM.