What's going on

So I have been MIA. 

Our world has been a little crazy.

We found out a few weeks ago that my sweet sweet (great)uncle has lung cancer. 

The original consultation is not good and so now we are trying to make plans and see our options. 

With cancer being so wide spread on my mom's side of the family (seriously every single one of her siblings and her mother and aunts and grandparents have had a form of cancer) it is really hard to even hear the word. Having my own grandmother taken from me so soon after her diagnosis is something I still struggle with and so we are trying to avoid that if possible. 

In other news
We had one crazy wind storm here starting on Wednesday and the damage is crazy.
We lost power for about 32 hours this week and so that was interesting. Our family was spread out everywhere because most of our family was without power as well. We lost it Wednesday around 12:30 pm. So Wednesday night the twins went to stay with Mema and we stuck it out at home for the night with Grayson snuggled between us. However we woke up Thursday morning to a freezing house and knew that we could not stay there again. Thankfully we got our power back on around 7 Thursday night and while Grayson still chose to stay at Aunt Mary's we took the babies home with us to get settled back in. 
Unfortunately there are still quite a few people without power and the amount of telephone poles that are hanging over the roadways are crazy. There are several roads that are shut down because of downed poles. I mean the winds were so bad that tractor trailers were flipping over while driving. I was never so thankful when Michael told me he was out of work before the worst of the winds started. 

I never realized how much we use power. It's been a few years since we lost it and man. My house was a disaster because we couldn't wash any dishes, vacuum, laundry, cook,make coffee(!!!!!), oh yeah and no heat. 
I'm just thankful it's back on.

My sweet big boy turns 4 next Sunday and I'm all sort of torn up about it. I mean I love this age but I miss that fat baby. He starting to look more like a kid than a baby. The fat rolls are gone and his face is thinning out. I will be sharing a letter I wrote to him next week, 

This weekend I plan on getting my house in order and just staying warm in this crazy weather (because today it's 28 and snowing fun fun)