Answered Prayers

I think it is an awesome day when you can see a prayer answered. 

For the last 7.5 years Michael and I have had zero days off together.

His schedule was Wednesday through Sunday 
Mine was Monday through Friday

Once we had children we realized the blessing it was that he had those two days off so that our babies could stay home with him and saved all that money on daycare. 

Once the twins came it became apparent how much we needed some consistent family time. And some consistent adult time. We needed a date night and bad. Only problem was one of us always had to work the next day and our bed time is pretty early like 9 at night. And very few people can handle the bed time routine (it's not called power hour for nothing) so we went without.

At the beginning of this year I started a prayer journal. I started writing in it pretty often. One of my first entries was guidance from God about Michael's job. He had an offer from another company that was offering him Sunday's off and while he didn't want to leave his current job it was something we needed to consider.

We decided to pray about it and see what doors opened.

Yesterday after 7.5 years of working the weekends Michael was notified that his company was making changes and his new days off would not be Sunday and Monday.


To say we are thrilled is an understatement. I'm beyond excited to have a family day every.single.week. 

This is such a blessing.

This morning while I was getting dressed I looked in my prayer journal and saw my entry about Michael's job and wrote next to it "answered by God's grace and in His time"

It a reminder for me that prayer works and God is so so good. 

Happy Thursday!