The flu that just kept coming

For the last week we have been battling the flu.

It lasted 6 days in our house


It started with Marshall randomly throwing up on Saturday I didn't think anything of it but then he drank water and that all came up too.

He seemed fine on Sunday except it switched to the other end, know what I mean?

Then it hit Charlotte Sunday night she threw up all in her crib it was a mess.

Then I woke up at midnight to the sound of poor Michael losing his dinner

Monday afternoon I got it

Then Monday night Grayson


Thankfully my Mother came over after work Monday and let Michael and I sleep for a few hours

I woke up Monday night to Grayson getting sick again in his bed, so after that he slept on the floor in our room. 

I had Tuesday off anyway so I got that day to semi rest. Well rest as much as you can with 3 kids.

Grayson and Michael had it the worst. Michael's lasted until Thursday and so did Grayson. 

So happy that Friday we were better.

Just in time for the birthday weekend to start. 

However during this whole flu thing we got a huge snowstorm. Clocking in at 24 inches in about a day and a half it was crazy. So the silver lining in all that was that even though we were sick we were out of that crazy bad weather. 

I will be back tomorrow with a little re-cap of the best bowling birthday party ever!

Happy Monday