Workin' It Wednesday 01-2017

I'm linking up with Shay today to talk about how I'm going to work my new years goals.

I wrote a few out here but I have more of a word I want to share that is going to help me out this year

I read The Magnolia Story

Mostly just to be nosy because I love that show

But it really spoke to me

 Specifically this word


Joanna speaks about how that word changed her and well I get it

So my word for 2017 is 


as a mother
as a wife
in my faith
as a friend
in work
at home
in my life

I have this word all over the place

At home, at work, in my van.
On my bookmark in my Bible.
I will be THRIVING this year.

I'm going to THRIVE in my relationship with God.

Thriving is a choice. It's a choice to make the best of what we have and find God's grace and glory in it all.

Happy Wednesday friends!