Catch up

I feel like I haven't written a post in forever and well it's been a while.

But not because of my usual 3 kids keep me super busy and insane thing 

Nope this time it was because I had



For 2 weeks I had to go sit in court everyday and listen to a trial.

It was difficult to listen to some of the details and on Friday (finally!) we got to deliberate and we reached a verdict and now I will not have to serve again for at least 6 years!

This was challenging for many reasons. I had to figure out certain work things and then the whole who would pick the kids up and how was dinner going to get made and well that was all a headache. 

But we made it through.
One silver lining to the Jury Duty thing was that I could go watch Grayson skate on Tuesday since the rink is right down the road from the courthouse. So that was a sweet surprise.

Friday night I was emotionally exhausted. And we were getting ready to leave to go to dinner for my Aunt's birthday and bam Marshall had a fever. I took it it was 102.6. So Michael decided to stay home and I would still go to dinner with Grayson and Charlotte.

Well I was almost to the restaurant when Michael called to let me know that his fever had spiked to 103.8. When I got to the restaurant my mom sent me home to be with Marshall and she kept Grayson and Charlotte with her so I could focus on Marshall. 

I got him to eat some of his bottle and thankfully his fever started to go down with Tylenol. He slept through the night but woke up the next day with a 102 temp again.

I just monitored it throughout the day. My mom brought the kids home and I got Grayson ready to head to a birthday party. It was at a bowling alley and he was so excited to bowl and was doing really well too when he tripped and bam! chin right into the bowling ball. Poor thing. He bite down on his tongue pretty hard but after 10 mins he was back out there bowling and got 2 strikes and 2 spares. 

Saturday night Marshall seemed to be doing a little better but as soon as the Tylenol would ware off he would spike a high fever (highest being 103.8)

Sunday he woke up so congested and coughing with a little rattle in his breathing and still with a fever. So to Urgent care we went. First of all I'm not a fan of going to urgent care because well the wait is usually insane but the pediatric one in our area is ah-mazing! We did have a little wait but not too bad. 

So they took his temp 102.8. Sad face for Marshy. They got us back in the room, which had a bed a crib, a couch, a tv and tons of book and gave us a dose of  ibuprofen for his fever The doctor came in and said that he needed a chest x-ray. So in about 5 mins they came and got us to get that done (yup they do that all right there!) and then we waited for those to be done. The doctor came in and said that he and Pneumonia in his right lung. They gave him his first dose of antibiotic there and sent us on our way with a prescription. 

We were there about 2 hours but to have everything done right there I will take it. 

We have a follow up with our own doctor today at 9 just to make sure it's not progressing. 

So hopefully this week will be a little less eventful. 

Happy Monday!