Our weekend.

This weekend was awesome.

Michael was off of work and so for once we got have a true weekend together.

Friday I scooped up my biggest boy from school and we went and had baby doughnuts together. Normally we go through the drive thru but on this day he asked to go and eat them inside and so we did.

That boy is just so sweet and melts my heart. I love him so hard and he just lights up my world. We had the sweetest conversation about his day at school and how he wondered what his babies did at home all day with Mema. Then he told me I was beautiful and asked me to be his forever doughnut date, which of course I said yes too.

We got home ate dinner and did power hour. It was nice to be able to stay up and spend some time with Michael after all the kiddos went to bed instead of him having to go to bed too.

Saturday I let Michael sleep in a little bit. Sissy woke up first and her and I snuggled and then big brother woke up and the playing started. Next followed Marshy and breakfast started. Michael came down around 7:15 and we started in on our own breakfast and coffee.

Michael and I had plans to go to a shooting class that day and so we started getting ready for that while the babies were down for their morning nap. My Mom came and watched the kids while we went to our class. Which by the way was awesome. I have to admitt I was a little nervous when we first got there because it was a small class (only 4 of us) and it was all men. I was the only female with 3 other guys. But I held my own and was pretty proud of myself. We shot about 150 rounds each and got through a ton of drills. The class was about 2 hours and once we were done there we headed to BJ's to get some things we needed that are just better to buy in bulk. We grabbed dinner after that and made him just in time to do power hour. Which was like disaster hour because the 3 year old had a melt down over chocolate and how he would eat it.

Sunday Michael let me sleep in which again was only until about 7:15 and then we got ready for our day. Both grabbing showers and getting Grayson ready because we had big plans. My mom came over around 10 (because she is a rock star and we would be lost with out her) and we headed out on an adventure with just our biggest boy.

We took Grayson to build a bear and it was so fun. He got gift cards for a Christmas present and it was our first time there. He chose a Kylo Ren bear because it always about Star wars. It was a really fun time he got to stuff his bear and put the heart in and then we got to go pick out his light saber.

Now let me say this. If we did not have a gift card I don't know if we would have went. It's mad expensive but I'm so glad he got experience it! He had a blast. We left there and headed to Target to get some jeans for Michael and to take full advantage of the baby sale. Which we did and it was awesome we are stocked up on diapers and formula for at least 2-3 weeks.

We came home snuggled and had a relaxing rest of the weekend!

Happy Monday!