2017 Resolutions

Happy 2017

Tomorrow I will be here with a 2016 Re-cap because it was a big, crazy, blessed, hectic, learning curve kind of year. 

But today I have my resolutions for you. Some are silly, some are fun, some are just for me. So here we go.

Yup my resolution is to do one load a day from start to finish. And to not start another load until the previous one is complete that means put away and everything. We have more laundry now than ever (adding two babies at once will do that to you) and well it's just madness. Last year I went out and bought two more laundry baskets just because all of the other ones were full of clean folded laundry. Well not in 2017. 

Read the One Year Bible. I bought this in October and decided that I wanted to do this with my husband. I just got us notebooks and we will be doing this as a Bible study every night together and reading through the Bible together and I'm so excited. We have decided that sometimes it might be at separate times but that at least once a week we will get together and share our take away. 2017 is going to be a big year for our relationship with God I can just feel it. 

Alone time. Michael and I are often clutched on and talked to too much, 24/7 (unless we are asleep and even then I dream that my kids are chatting at me ha!) so we have decided that every other day each of us will get 30 minutes to ourselves. To do whatever we want. I plan to work out and work on my oils and Michael wants to play guitar and shoot some rounds out back. We need this so we don't get burned out (which has been happening). 

Date more. I need to date my husband more and Grayson more. Grayson is a good boy and has really adjusted so well to Marshall and Charlotte however he needs some one on one time with Michael and I. So my goal is now one date night a month with Grayson and Michael. Also Michael and I need a date night too so we are shooting for once every other month. This will change soon because the babies are on the cusp of being a little bit easier but right now it's still a marathon getting through power hour.

Debt. 2016 was not a good year for our debt. We are cracking down on this and will be making some huge adjustments to get us to our goal

Take a step out of my comfort zone and really share my heart here about oils. I'm telling you these oils have changed my life and so I really need to be sharing that. I'm going to be doing at least one post a month and just hoping I can help even one person. 

Happy 2017. Cheers to it being a crazy good year. I can just feel it!