Weekend Re-cap

I didn't leave the house this weekend! And I kind of loved it. 

Friday- I went grocery shopping super quick by myself. Now normally I take Grayson with me but let's be real it takes twice as long with a 3.5 year old and I needed it to be quick this week so away I went by myself and I made it in and out in 25 mins! All the praise hands because Wal-Mart on a Friday afternoon of a Holiday weekend is nothing short of crazy. Once I was done there I scooped up Grayson then went and picked up Libby and B. I loaded up all the kids and then took them to my sisters work so they could go to Beggars night in the town that she works in. I grabbed food on the way home and then crashed. Grayson spent the night at my mom's house with is cousins so I went to bed at 8! It was awesome

I waited for the guy to come look at our roof. A few weeks ago we had a bad rainstorm and our ceiling started the smallest leak. So I was prepared for him to say we needed a new roof well after he checked it our he said nope just a section of flashing/tar that needed to be replaced and he could do it the next day for $50.00. SOLD! That was a huge releif!
It was just me and the babies until about 10 when my mom brought the kids over. The boys played Libby loved on the babies and I talked my mom into doing a huge favor for me! I needed a few things from BJ's (our local verisou of Sam's Club) and that is a little challenge with 3 kiddos now so since she needed stuff too she agreed to pick up my items too! Yahoo! I made spagehtti pie for dinner and we made the kiddos laugh while Grayson played with his light sabre
Charoltte decided to boycott sleeping throught the night and I was up with ther from 11:30 until 2:00 and then Marshall woke up at 5:15.

After my few hours of broken sleep I brewed a cup of coffee (and then another and another). I needed it bad.  On Friday Marshall started having a bad case of the runs and develeoped an awful dipaper rash I was putting on tons of Aquaphor on him and nothing was helping because he would just not stop going to the bathroom! I think it was a combo of the shots he got on Tuesday and all the mucus he has going on. Well Satruday night it got really bad (like it looked like a sun burn with blisters bad) and we called our nurse hotline and they said to stop using wipes and to give him a bath at every diaper change. So that was how I spend Sunday. Rinsing his butt off then giving him a bath. Then loading him up with Aquaphor and lavender. I'm happy to say it is almost gone and he has stopped with runs so that is a blessing. Rinsing off a poopy butt is not the easiest to do with a wiggly infant.

My sister came over to visit. We went over a few things about oils for her and one of her friends that's having a baby. She helped with the lunchtime/naptime stuff and then she headed home and Grayson and I ate lunch and watched football (ugh the Bills) and I slept for all of 20 mins on the couch.
We spent the rest of the night watching Star Wars and getting ready for Halloween!