This Election

This will not be your normal election post.

This will not be an I'm sad for my daughter post, or I fear for our future post. Because I don't. I've got God on my side and I'm good with that. I have peace in that.

I'm not going to say who I voted for or why. It's no ones business really that's why we vote the way we do so that we can give that information at our discretion.

But I do have something to get off of my chest.

I will never ever ever vote based solely on gender.

Hear me out please.

I believe in gender equality and because of that I could care less what the gender of our president is.

However...... it was assumed that because I'm a female it was my duty to vote for a female.

No just no. That would be is taking us back years as far as I'm concerned.

I voted based on morals, integrity, a love for this country and who (in all honesty) was the lesser of two evils.

I voted to keep my rights protected.

I voted. Period. I voted for who I wanted.

I believe that if one day a women gets in the White House that, yes that will be an amazing day. However, it wasn't the time now.

And above all. God is in control. He's got this.