Charlotte and Marshall 6 month update

How is it that my sweet babies have been here for half a year? Time flies when your sleep deprived, losing your mind daily and having fun!

What our normal mornings look like 3 little munchkins playing on the floor

6 months here we go

Sweet Sissy,

Oh Sis. You are my precious girl. But really if I'm being honest your heart belongs to your Daddy. I have never seen a baby more obsessed with someone. If he walks in a room you roll to get to him if you can hear him but not see him (because your big brother is singing in your face) well you push them out of the way to see him and then the smile you give him, oh that smile it melts him and me. There is no truer love than that. You are our food eater. You love love love veggies and fruit and oatmeal. You can take or leave the bottle. Depends on the day. But put food in front of you and man oh man you go crazy and keep your mouth open almost the whole time and screech and yell if you see us feeding Marshall and not you. It's too funny. You roll all over the place. If you need to get somewhere you roll there. You are just sweet. We love you baby girl. Your big brother is just obsessed with you. He loves to give you the longest hug and kiss when we pick you up from school and then he will sing and dance for you if you even start to fuss a little bit.You had me a little worried because you were refusing to put any weight on your legs so when we went to the doctors she forced you to stand and well you can do it but your being stubborn. I think with you, sweet girl, you will get to everything in your own time. You are keeping those blue eyes and as of right now your holding onto the red hair too. And I just love it my little red head. You are drooling like crazy and chew on anything you can get your hands on. So those teeth are coming anytime now. You are the best and worst sleeper. You sleep great for naps but at bed time you are a fitful sleeper. I'm in your room a few times a night because otherwise you will squawk until you wake up your brother. Bottom line Sis we love you. You make us so happy and are such a joy. I just truly feel blessed that I get to be your Mama on this journey with you.

Your brother just loves you and you think he's pretty great too!


Oh my baby boy Marshy. Yes sorry Marshall that you are called Marshy 90% of the time. But we love it. The other 10% we call you Brubber. You are the baby that smiles at everyone. Your Papa Joe made the comment the other day that no  matter what your happy to see everyone. You give them the biggest smile, we call it the whole body and soul smile and it's so genuine. You can make anyone happy with that smile. You are pretty obsessed with your big brother. If he is in the room you roll and grunt your way over to him and then will just stare at him and smile. You just like to be in his space. I just pray that you always feel that way about him(and that he is a good example for you). You are the exact opposite sleeper of your sister. You never make it though a nap.EVER. But at night sweet boy. You sleep. And it is the best. You are also drooling like a crazy boy and those bottom teeth are super swollen. You love your bottle and your food. Although beans are not your favorite but you still take them down. Your so so so close to crawling if you could just pick your head up all the way. But you have the wiggle down. You will put your arms and legs up and kick your legs so that you wiggle yourself to wherever you want to get. You enjoy the jumper and anyone singing to you. You are my blonde hair blue eyed baby boy. And I just love you. I can't wait to see you grow and who you will become. It is such a privilege to be your Mama.


Love the bond that you two already have. It's the best to watch.