Let me dust this sucker off today.

I don't mean to not write.

In fact I do write. I have so much I want to share and say. I want to keep up on the twins milestones (that seem to happen every day) and Graysons cute things he does. But I get halfway through and then get distracted and then bam I'm way off track.

I guess I'm in the season of survival.

At least that is what it feels like.

My day starts early.
4:15. I do hit the snooze once and roll out of bed no later than 4:30.

I have my clothes laid out so that helps and I'm downstairs to get everything around.

I make my coffee, finish up lunches, do my hair and make up (which spoiler alert is a pony tail and a quick swipe of mascara!) I check and make sure bags are all around and then I feed Riley.

5:30. I start getting the kids up (if they aren't already) Grayson takes a while to wake up so I get him up first bring him down on the couch and cover him up with a blanket. I grab one of the babies usually Sissy and get her dressed then put her on the rug with a giant pile of toys. I yell to Grayson as I go up the stairs that he's next after Marshall. As I'm getting Marshall dressed he emerges from the covers and starts playing with Sissy. I make my smoothie and his chocolate milk (another spoiler it's carnation instant breakfast)

6:00 I get Grayson into the bathroom he gets dressed and brushes his teeth. Then we start the coat wrestling. Marshall just recently out grew the infant car seat so he is now in one that stays strapped in the car so I now get Charlotte in her coat in her car seat then Grayson dressed then I load up the car then I come in get Marshall in his coat and hat. Take him and Grayson out to the car get them strapped in then I come back in and get Charlotte and lock everything up.

6:25- On the road to daycare. I'm sweating. We call Michael and chat about our days. Grayson yells to him from that back seat. "I love you daddy how are you doing at work?"

6:50- We pull into daycare and now my second dance starts. I get Charlotte, Grayson and all the bags into the little entry way of the school. Then I go back and get Marshall out of his carseat. I check all 3 kids in and then I hold doors open with my foot and try not to drop a bag or a kid. I set the babies down hug and kiss Grayson and he is off to play.I get the babies into their classroom and peal off the coats. Marshall has usually pooped by then and so Miss Jenny gets to deal with that first thing in the morning. I kiss the babies good bye and head to my car.

Thankfully I work 30 seconds down the road and my boss gives me a 5 min grace. But most of the time I walk in at 6:59.

I work from 7:00-3:30.

I usually run an errand or two when I get out. I feel like I always have something to do.

3:45-4:00 I wrangle my kids from daycare. This a torture because there are a million babies screaming (usually only 2 but still) and someone else comes to pick up their baby while I'm trying to get mine strapped in and well I take up a ton of space. So it's just hectic.

4:20 we are driving home. We call Michael ask if he needs a coffee swing through the drive thru grabbing baby dounuts too because well we are already there.

5:00 We finally get home. We unload and then Michael has dinner waiting or almost finished. I unpack bags super quick and then we eat.

5:30 We gear up for power hour as we call it. I wash bottles from the day and then depending on the day make them up for the next day (we have to send pre made bottles to day care) I grab jammies, fill up diffusers in the bed rooms, get all the nighttime rollers around.

6:00 It starts. We feed Marshall and Charlotte they get a baby food meal (like vegetable beef or chicken and apple) oatmeal and then it's tubby time. Michael takes Charlotte in while I clean up from their dinner and then he brings her out. I get her dressed and oiled up while he bathes Marshall. He bring out Marshall and grabs Grayson. On school nights Grayson takes a shower (because we need every second we can get and his baths last upwards of an hour with a few water refills) He get Grayson in jammies while I finish up Marshall. Then we feed the babies their bottle and put them to bed.

7:00- I work out for 20 ish mins upstairs while Michael showers and packs his lunch.

7:30- I shower and then I get Grayson's lunch around and get clothes out for us all for the next day.Sometimes (time permitting) I fold a load of laundry.

8:00 We both take Grayson up to bed. Read a book as a family and then on nights Michael has to work I snuggle Grayson for a little bit and Michael heads to bed. On days he is off Michael will put him to bed so I can have few minutes to relax.

8:45 I head to bed. I check my e-mails. Scroll facebook and watch an episode of the office.

9:30 I'm asleep. And on a good night I sleep through. However last night I was up once with Charlotte and once with Grayson (sweet boy chugged water from the tap without us seeing him before bed so he needed to go! Ha!)

I'm in the season of surviving. I get up at 4:30 ish and I go go go until I crawl into bed at 8:45.

The babies are mobile now. Often times I walk in a room and just Marshall's head is poking out from under the entertainment system. I have Christmas presents all over our dining room table so we have been eating in the living room on tray tables for the last week or so. Grayson probably watches his iPad way too much and the babies sometimes eat more snot than I care to admit.

It's in theses hectic crazy days that I'm thankful for my partner. We work well as a team. Sure we snip at each other and there are days that he just drives me batty. But push comes to shove and he fights through this crazy with me, by my side holding my hand and comforting me when I'm having a bad day.

One day I will miss this. Well maybe I won't miss the poop diapers or the spilled milk on my floors because he wanted to see what shape it would make. But I will miss the snuggles as they drift off to sleep. The "I love you mommy your beautiful" and the way the smell.

So here is to surviving. One day at a time.