Show and Tell- Quirks

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday

And today it's all about Quirks

Here goes nothing.....

 I must eat candy in even numbers. Yup if I have let's say M&M's and I get to the end of the bag and there are 5 left I will either give away the odd one or throw it out. I cannot eat 5. 
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 Again with evens but my volume on my radio or TV must be at an even number. Do not put it on 15 or 17 or even 21 Let's go with a 14 16 or 20 please. Also I always set my alarm for an even number. I want to get up at 4:15 well then I set my alarm for 4:14 or 4:16.
Fun fact my Dad is also this way so I'm guessing it's either genetic or he brainwashed me
Okay so all us ladies lose our hair it comes out most often when we are washing it and then it's all over our fingers. Well rather than send my hair down the drain (I have long hair I lose a ton) I pull it off my fingers slap it on the shower wall and swirl it around. So there are little circles of hair all over the shower wall.Now 98% of the time I remember to clean them off when I get out of the shower but on the off chance I forget my husband will call me in and kindly ask me to pick up the dead cat off the shower wall. 

I must watch a funny show before bed. Right now it's The Office. I have watched the whole series once before so I'm on my second time through. It's the perfect 20 ish minutes to calm me down before bed. 
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My food cannot touch on my plate. I do NOT like my food mixing. You know those people who pile up their plate on Thanksgiving and put their corn on top of their mash potatoes and gravy. BARF that makes my skin crawl. I get smaller portions so that my food can stay segregated. I actually have a plate with dividers at my Mom's house. Fun fact my brother is the exact same way. Our other siblings however are not. It's because we are the perfect ones.


I like kids PJ's. Grayson is going through a phase where he likes to always wear a tank top to bed. Ugh I like the matching kids PJ's. Ya know the sets? Yes I love those. Thankfully I have two other little ones that I can put in the cute PJ's. Plus now that I have twins I like to put them in matching PJ's. They have the sweetest Halloween ones. And not for nothing I bought them all matching Christmas ones that all 3 of them will be wearing. 

I have one more but I cannot do seven (see quirk# 1&2) so I will have to share that one at another time.

Okay and now nicknames

My neices and nephews call me Aunt Katie, My mom calls me Katy-B and my dad calls me Sweet Pea (always and forever he calls me this and I love it it's our song together)
Michael calls me Katers or a miriad of other names.

Now my kids they have the best nick names
Grayson: Grapes or Bubba or Bueller
Marshall: Marshy or Brubba or Marshmellow
Charlotte: Sissy or Charlips or Char Char

Basically we call our kids a ton of odd names
Happy Tuesday!