Life Lately

Life Lately is messy, beautiful, hectic, draining, fulfilling, crazy, dramatic, busy, loving. But above all it is blessed. Here is what we have been up to in the last few weeks. My crazy crew
This is what after school and work looks like everyday. Grayson playing and the babies wrestling.

These babies love to roll on each other now. I walk in the room and they are usually chewing on eachother's fingers or pulling eachother's hair all while drooling like crazy.

We went to a pumpkin patch on a whim one day after work. Just the five of us. Let me tell you what I left there feeling so proud. Michael and I got 9 pumpkins and didn't lose any kids or drop anyone. Plus there were no tears, from anyone! I did leave there sweating but proud because it was the first time Michael and I have tackled something like that as a family of 5.

Libby came and spent the night with me and the babies while my mom took B and Grayson. Let me just say having an 11 year old at your house is a dream. She watched the babies for me while I cleaned out Grayson's room and changed over his clothes from summer to winter. Plus I put away all the laundry and took a shower. I'm telling you a dream and if her mom and dad wouldn't miss her so much I would have her live with me.

Grayson and I made what he calls Monster Mix. Vanilla Chex, Marshmallows, Popcorn, crispy M&M's, peanut butter m&m's and then melted white chocoalte chips all over that. Then for good measure we put some Halloween sprinkles all over the top of it. Basically we just threw a mix of sweet and salty and bam we ate it all up. So So yummy.

The twins are officially in highchairs! Ahhhhhhh! Where does the time go it just blows my mind but how cute do they look?

We have already planned our summer vacation! This year we will be renting a cabin at Jellystone park and going with my brother and sister in law and the kids and my mom and dad.That is 6 adults and 5 kids and whole ton of crazy!!!! This park has a ton of activities for the kids. Mini golf, a water park, a lake and beach, 2 pools, 2 playgrounds, fishing, canoes, and so much more. Plus get this when you rent a cabin all of that stuff is included. We are so excited!

On Saturday my sweet Grandmother turnes 91. Let me just say if I live to be 91 let me be like her. She goes to church 3 times a week, knits everyday and gets up and dressed everyday. She still grocery shops and cooks. Bless her!We will be celebrating her with dinner tomorrow night at her favorite resturant.

Grayson is still loving his babies and must get snuggles in before school everyday.

Miss Thing has been waking up about an hour before my alarm goes off and so I bring her in bed with me. She falls asleep and we snuggle. I'm not going to lie I enjoy that time laying there with just her. I often feel like since ther are two babies I don't get a ton of good quality time with them. Like I'm always rushing onto the next one or onto their brother. Well Sissy just figured out how to get her one on one time and I love love love it.

Grayson is obsessed with football. He ran back and forth in our living room the entire Bills game on Sunday and went out and played football at half time in the front yard with Michael.

On Saturday my sweet mother showed up to watch the babies and let me and Grayson go pick apples just the two of us. It was awesome. I love his imagination right now. I mean we ran from bears and spaceships trying to get us. My sweet boy!

That's life around here. And it's only going to get crazier!