Update from an awful bed

So it happened I started having contractions 

Saturday I felt a little off all day but my contractions were like once every hour or two no.big.deal

Then we ate dinner and like half an hour after I had a pretty strong contraction. Not painful but strong. Then 20 mins later another, then 15, then they got to  10 and by 6:00 pm they were coming consistently 8-10 mins apart so I called my mom she said drink water and put my feet up and if they hadn't stopped in an hour call the doctor well they didn't stop so we called the doctor and he said head on into the hospital for observation.

I called my mom for her and dad to come take care of Grayson (who Michael was putting to bed for the night) but my mom insisted on coming with Michael and I so my dad stayed at our house with Grayson. 

I took a shower before I left and we got to the hospital around 8:30. I got changed into a gown and they put the monitors on me. 

As soon as they hooked up the monitors they saw that I was still contracting every 7-8 mins they just started fluids and told me to rest only that was impossible because they had me in a lobor bed which is like laying on plywood. I got maybe half an hour of sleep when I started cramping 

They checked my and I was not dialated so around 5 in the morning I got a shot to stop contractions. Then 2 hours later a shot for the babies lungs.

I felt pretty good my doctor told me I would be staying the night because I needed to have the second shot the following morning for the babies lungs. He was upset that they hadn't let me eat yet and that I was left on the NST machine for almost 12 hours straight and that I was left in a labor bed so around 12 Grayson  came to see me and my dad picked up my mom to take her home. They decided to keep Grayson overnight so that Michael could stay with me at the hospital. 

I finally got food and then took a shower I was feeling pretty good after the shot to stop labor then around 2 I was woken up from a nap with horrible cramping it was confirmed from the NST that I was having  contractions and uterine irritability every 4-8 mins. So I got another shot and they started me on procardia. I got my second dose of procardia at 5 and have not felt a contraction or cramp since Then.

I'm still in the hospital now because it takes 48 hours for the shots for the babies lungs to be fully affective. Hopefully tomorrow I will be going home still
On the procardia and our goal it to make it to the 14 so at least 9 more days and on strict bed rest. My prayer is that we are all healthy and that we can stay at our hospital with our doctor.

This has been hard but I known necessary the hardest part is being away from Grayson I miss him so much but thank goodness for FaceTime.

Here's to getting out tomorrow and making it at least 9 more days just one day at a time