Grayson gets to meet his babies

We have been talking to Grayson about mommy having two babies in her stomach for what seems like forever 

At first no interest at all I think  because I didn't really have a belly at first  but as my belly grew he started to hug and kiss it or pet it as he calls it. 

He knew mommy was growing his brother and sister and he was excited to hold them. 

So when the day came for them to finally meet I was beyond excited. I had picked up gifts for him to give to them as well as gifts for him from his babies. 

He walked in a little scared he just looked at them and didn't want to touch them at all at first. So we did gifts he gave them their little toys for their car seats and then Michael brought out the gift from the babies, a Paw Patrol rolling luggage and he flipped out he loved it so much! Then I told him to open it and he flipped even more over the 4 mini Lego sets the babies got him. The first thing he wanted to do was go show the nurses who just swooned over him so he came back with chocolate, a coloring book and the promise of a Popsicle. Already a lady killer lol.

We asked him if he wanted to hold the babies and he said no so we didn't push it. Michael took him downstairs to the cafeteria with Gigi and they had dinner. When he came back upstairs to the room he was ready to hold his babies. 

He was so proud of them! 

2 seconds later he said he was done and ready for a grape Popsicle. 

Gigi took him home to our house so that Michael could stay with me until visiting hours were over because we were asking the godparents as they came and held the babies. 

Grayson came back everyday (except the day we came home) and did great everyday. 

Now we have had some rough moments but overall I would say he has handled this huge transition amazing. He is so proud every time he holds them which is often and only in about 5 minute spans but he loves it. 

Nothing makes my heart happier than all my babies in one picture!