Still Pregnant and a small rant

So thankfully I'm still pregnant.

Im 34 weeks as of Thursday and that was the last day of my Procardia prescription.

I went for a NST on Monday and I had zero contractions and babies were active with great heartbeats. All wonderful things

My swelling is almost completly gone since being on bed rest and chugging water like it's the only way into heaven.

My sonogram today showed that baby A is still head down and measuring about 5 pounds 9 ounces and about a week ahead and baby B is measuring 5 pounds 12 ounces and is still break and is again about a week ahead. 
All good things 

Now it is just a waiting game. When my body goes into labor or my water breaks it will be go time.

I have been having contractions since Thursday night when I was done with my Procarida however they are all over the place so not real labor. I have to say I was a little upset when I walked out of my appointment with an appointment for next week my body's ready to be done being pregnant 

However I know the longer they stay in the better statistacly speaking at this point 1 day in is 3 days less in the NICU.

It's just hard my stomach feels like it's going to rip open and baby A's head feels like it's going to fall out. I'm just uncomfortable and praying like crazy. I have no choice but to trust Gods timing in all this. 

My other struggle is Grayson. I'm ready to be his mom again. It sucks being in a bed all day and not being able to pick him up or take him to school or do anything. 

Okay so my small rant 

Being on bed rest has left me a ton of time to read and read I have. Mostly birth stories of twins, just trying to gauge NiCU time well I have found a ton of shaming going on with comments like " when they told me I was having a c-section my life was over because I wasn't going to be able to really give birth to my babies". My problem with that statement the whole not really giving birth part. Unmedicated medicated c-section it all ends in a sweet baby and it's all giving birth. No matter what and I get being disappointed if it doesn't go the way you thought it would but to say it's not really giving birth is not okay. Anytime your body produces a baby you gave birth 

Okay end rant 

Here's to Gods timing and getting through the last stretch.