Twins Birth Story

Okay so this is long but I don't want to forget one single detail 

So I made it to 34 weeks and was upset that even though I was having contractions they weren't the real thing but I knew that cooking these babies longer was what we needed.

So Monday I went in for my weekly NST and the test showed I was having contractions every 8-10 mins but I could still talk through them and the babies looked good so after our hour of monitoring we went home and then my contractions got really bad.

I had about 2 hours of contractions that were 4 mins apart and then they spaced out. So I got some sleep and just prayed for Gods timing in this whole thing.

Tuesday came and again I would have some pretty serious contractions for a few hours and then they would space out. I was beyond frustrated.

Wednesday I woke up to horrific cramping and hard contractions that I couldn't talk through but they were about 12 mins apart so I just kept up with my water and keeping my feet up. 

Around 2 I was in a ton of pain constant cramping and I had contractions coming every 4-8 mins. I drank a ton of water and timed them for 2 hours and they just kept coming. So I called the doctor and of course he said go to the hospital for observation. I called my mom and dad and Michael and I both took showers and headed into the hospital.

Stubborn me walked into the maternity floor and my doctor was there waiting for me and the first thing he said was "Um I'm pretty sure she should be in a wheel chair" oops! So of course I had to get in a gown and get hooked up to the monitor the babies looked great and my contractions were coming still. 

The doctor checked me for the first time my whole pregnancy and said that my cervix was so far back behind baby girls head that he couldn't even tell if I was dialated but he bet I wasn't at all (same thing happened when I was pregnant with Grayson) so he wheeled in the ultrasound machine and saw that baby girl was pretty low but not engaged and that I was at a zero. 

Okay here is where it gets crazy. He then ordered Procardia to stop my labor and I burst into tears. When I had been in his office on Friday be told me that he would not stop my labor after 34 weeks so I was confused and devastated. I even asked to sign papers to sign myself out because I didn't want to get stuck in the hospital for  days on end only to go home without my babies but the doctor asked me to take the procardia and stay the night so I agreed to one night. 

I took the procardia got the IV and and tried to get some sleep. The procardia stopped my contractions and I was 100% sure I was going home in the morning.

Only I woke up Thursday morning to horrible cramps and contractions every 10 min apart so I got a second dose of procardia and it slowed the contractions for about an hour and then they came back. So after 4 hours I got my 3rd dose of procardia and it did nothing for my cramping or contractions and I was now contracting every 4-6 mins with the worst contractions. The doctor came in around 9 felt my stomach through 2 contractions and said the babies had decided that today was the day. 

I called my mom and told her head to the hospital because we were having the babies today. 

We had to wait behind another surgery and my doctor had a natural birth to deliver but we started to get prepped around 10:30 for our c-section. Now I have not eaten since Wednesday at 12:30 because we headed to the hospital around dinner time and I didn't want a full stomach going in if we had to do a surgery that night. So on Thursday morning the only thing I had had since lunch the day before was a Popsicle they gave me at 10 at night. 

Because of this my nurse was concerned about babies having low blood sugar when they came out so she ordered me a bag of sugar water through my IV. I got my catheter put in and the air pumps put on my legs and just waited. It was around 11:30 and the OR nurses came down to get me into surgery, it happened a ton faster than we thought and so I hardly got any of the sugar water in my system. 

So I get in the OR and they transfer me to the smallest table known to man and then have me hang my legs over the edge and tell me to hug my baby bump and arch my back like a cat. I legit said have you seen me from the front? But our bodies are amazing and I was able to do it. First it was the numbing shot and then he placed the spinal block which I didn't feel at all. They laid me back down and almost instantly my whole body from the boobs down felt they pins and needles. 

My doctor came in and him and a nurse started to prep my stomach by rubbing a bunch of cold wet stuff on it to which I told him "excuse me I can still feel all that" he laughed at me and said we know  it's fine we are not cutting yet. 

The room flooded with a bunch of people and finally my husband came in. At this point I started to have a small painc attack because my legs felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to move them but I couldn't feel them. It was very surreal.
Soon the blue curtain went up and I felt some tugging and then I heard her. The best sound ever of my little girl crying, it brought tears to my eyes instantly. They grabbed Michael right away to go be with 
Her and then 2 mins later I heard a loud screech and my baby boy was here. After that I felt like I was in the dark as my doctor worked on me and I tried to listen for my babies. Marshall was not crying like they needed him to so they were making him cry and finally he started belting it out. 

The babies were brought over to me and we had the sweetest nurse take some pictures after that Michael and the babies went to the nursery and I got a nice shot put in my IV and I drifted off to sleep while they tied my tubes and finished off my surgery. The next thing I knew I was being wheeled into my room. 

I laid flat for the first half and hour and then slowly raised myself up in 15 min incremts to avoid a spinal headache and throwing up. An hour after surgery I begged for at least ice chips because my mouth was so dry. Then I finally got apple juice but was told to take it slow on drinking it because they didn't want me throw up.

Finally after what seemed like forever Michael came in with the rest of our family (my parents , my father in law and my aunt and grandma) and I got to see pictures. I was so in love and wanted to see them but they just weren't bringing them in my room. Our nurse came in and said that they were holding the twins for their blood sugar and they had just fed them and they were going to test them in half an hour, and that if they failed this time they would need IV's since they had already failed twice before. Our angels were with us because they passed and we got to have them with us! 

They were beautiful and smelled amazing and my heart grew. I'm going to do a whole separate post on Grayson meeting them and how my hospital stay and c-section recovery was and how our first few days home has been. 

Having Marshall and Charlotte here is even more amazing then I could have imagined. They were the final pieces to our family and we all feel so complete.