March Goals

I think I got a little crazy for my February Goals. But here is a re-cap

1) Make Michael Valentine's day dinner. We usually go every other year with making dinner. Last year he made me steaks and so this year it's my turn. He gets to pick anything he wants and I cook it for him. I'm excited because he usually picks something new!-Kind of fail. He decided he wanted Pizza for our little local shop that is what he picked so that's what we had

2) Organize bathroom. I need this to be super functional and adding 2 babies to the family means a ton more towels and that giant baby tub is coming back into our lives. I have been working on a shelf a day and just need to get this finished up this month 50% Fail. We got this started but not quite finished.

3) Finish all the shopping for the twins. We still have some things to buy, even though our family has been amazing with the gifts we need, bottles, a car seat, a monitor that can have two cameras, more sheets, things for the room like lamps etc. so we have set a day that my mom is off of school and I'm taking a vacation day and we are spending the day getting everything checked off our list! Done! We have everything we need, just a few more clothes and what not but I'm waiting until they born to see the size and then I can get the last few things I need.

4) Do a craft with Grayson. I'm not much of a fun playmate anymore since getting down on the floor and up off of it take me a good hour but I can paint and color at the table so I want to come up with a fun V-Day craft for Grayson to make for Michael. Plus I'm thinking frosting some cookies will be fun too! Success! We did a water color painting for Michael for V-Day and made homemade sugar cookies and frosted them he loved it!

5) Clean out kitchen cupboards and fridge/freezer. Can I just say no matter how good I try to be about this I feel like every 4 months or so my cupboards look like a wreck with a million half opened bags of candy/chips and things just shoved in. I need to move some things around and get this running smoothly. My fridge isn't bad I just would like it wiped out and the freezer needs a good going through since I'm pretty sure there are about 4 boxes of half opened waffles. Got the cupboards cleaned out the fridge and freezer is on the list this again this month.

6) Shampoo carpets. I'm thinking I need to hire someone to do this. I can't physically do it and Michael has no time. But our carpets upstairs need to be shampooed. Michael spot cleaned the babies room and that is as far as it is going. I'm okay with it, somethings you just have to let go of.

7) Write Thank You cards. Like I said above our family has been more than generous with the gifts for the twins and so I need to send out some cards. Done and done although I did get two homemade quilts this weekend that I need to send a thank you for.

8) Okay last one. Freezer meals. I have a list of meals that I want to make and freeze for when the twins are born. I just need to get a list of ingredients around so Michael can shop for me and then one day each weekend make a few meals and fill up our freezer. Fail.

So what did I do this month? Stayed pregnant and grew two babies. Plus I spent a ton of time snuggling my boys and we organized the nursery. Now onto March

March is busy, we have Easter egg hunts (that I have been told I'm not attending due to my size lol) Grayson's birthday and Easter so I'm keeping it simple this month

1) Get all things needed for Grayson's Easter Basket. I have most of it I just need a couple small things

2) Order the cake for Grayson's Birthday. I'm phoning it in on this one. We are having his party the day before his birthday and so my mom is going to pick it up for me. This year I need easy. Plus I already ordered some festive plates ( he picked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for his theme) and a cute shirt for him to wear. Plus I already have his gifts.

3) Figure out a treat for his birthday party at school

4) Wash all the baby clothes/bedding. Michael bought me Dreft so my goal is two loads a weekend. 

5) Pack my hospital bag/make a list of last minute things needed. I need this done because if something happens that we have to rush to the hospital I need to have most of the stuff around. Only problem is I don't have a huge selection of clothes that fit so my plan is to just pack it every week I do laundry rotating out clothes. Ha! Plus have a list of things that need to be grabbed if I can't do it like toothbrush and my deodorant. 

6) Clean out the fridge and freezer. I have to get this done!!!

That's it. I'm going to take it east and just try and keep these babies cooking for as long as possible and that means rest rest rest.