Grayson's Birthday Weekend

My big boy is now 3 and I feel like it has gone so fast.

He had a pretty awesome birthday weekend.

I didn't throw a big party like I normally do instead we had cake on Friday with his cousins because they were leaving for Florida the next day on his actual birthday.

I went simple pizza wings and a cake from our local bakery. I sat the whole time and rested and he had a blast so that is all that matters.

Saturday my sister came and picked him up to go to story & paint time at a local pottery shop. They found out it was his birthday and even had a balloon at his chair. She took him for cookies and donuts and he had a blast.

After his nap we headed to bowling. We asked him about 3 weeks ago what he wanted to do for his birthday and he kept saying bowling. So that's what we did and he had a blast. I sat and watched and then after one game we had pizza and cake and presents! Then played another game before heading home.

It was such a good day. He kept telling me it was the best day ever! I was so thankful because I felt bad that he didn't get his normal blow out party but I think it was perfect.

Tomorrow I hope to get caught up on my weekly pregnancy updates.

Happy Tuesday!