A few days before you turn 3


Sweet sweet boy you will be 3 this Saturday and I'm till in awe that it has been 3 years since they handed you to me. That was a life changing moment for sure.

You are such a kind boy. Don't get me wrong you have your moments of frustration but you really have a kind heart. You know when mommy needs a hug or kiss or snuggle. We have a bond baby boy, a strong one that will never be broken.

Talking to you is like talking to a grown up until you say things like "let me fink about it" and then I just die laughing. You are defiantly a parrot. For example when I want you to really hear me I will say "Grayson look at me" just so I know I have your attention. The other day I was reading something and you said "Mommy look at me" and I could not stop laughing but what you had to tell me was so important.

You are becoming more independent everyday. You can now undress yourself 100% and I would say you can dress yourself about 90% buttoning up jeans and pulling the shirt over your head are the two things we have to work on. You pick out your own clothes for school and pick up your dirty clothes after you take them off. You help cook dinner and clear and set the table all the time. Laundry is one of your favorites chores to help me with, but you only fold your clothes, and then take them upstairs and put them away.

You are starting to test boundaries and well we are working on it. No is a new word you like to use and when you don't listen well you get things taken away. This is harder on mommy than anyone else because you are so sensitive. When you tell me no and I take away a toy or shut the tv off you slump your little head and pout. It kills me every time. Then 2 second later you come up to me and hug me and say "sorry mommy I didn't listen I will be a good listener from now on okay mommy? We start over and you ask me again and I will listen" I'm just so in love with you I hate to see any sadness. I'm for sure the push over parent.

Your going to be a big brother soon and your so excited. You talk about the babies to us and call them baby brother and baby sister. We haven't told you their names because we are keeping them a secret and we have some family members who try to get them out of you. I did one day have you say them and oh my word sweetest thing ever. You will be a great big brother and I can't wait to see you step into that roll.

Your interests are all things cars. You love your hot wheels and play with them for hours. Legos are a big hit too and you love to just build something all the time. You are persistent and if you have an idea in your head you fight until you get it just how you want it. Your favorite thing though is being outside with daddy, doing whatever he is doing. The other day you and him picked up all the sticks from the winter in our yard and you could not wait to tell me all about it. Your such a great helper. Plus a total outside kid. Everyday you ask to go outside. I'm limited on my activities these days but the other day I took you outside to blow bubbles on the porch and that was enough for you. You just love to feel the sun on your face.

Friday is our day baby boy. We get baby doughnuts every Friday and it's our special little time. You get so excited to have them, and to get a smoothie for dinner. I love that we have a little routine together.

Long story short sweetheart. You made me Mama and have changed my life and me as a person in such an amazing way. I love you with all my heart and feel honored to have you as my son.

Happy Birthday Grayson!