Random and a little life lately

It's been a hot minute since I have posted. Just can't finish a post it seems. I mean I have 6 in my drafts. I just need to finish one.

First let me just say I'm already addicted to This is Us. I mean! I cry every show and then hug my babies a little tighter and tell them to always love each other. Seriously I'm in love. But what is with the twist at the end both weeks in a row? Ugh! Can't wait until next Tuesday.

Grayson is such a sour patch kid lately. He will be so sweet signing to his babies and then the next second a raging bull punching the couch and trying to swing from the light fixture. I guess that is a 3 year old little boy? Who knows I just soak up the sweet moments like yesterday when he walked right up to me grabbed my face kissed me and told me that I was a "Beautiful, sweet princess girl that he will love forefer" I teared up a little not going to lie.

He loves loves loves to feed Marshall his bottle. Every night for a few minutes he sits in this chair and feeds his brother.

The babies are interacting with each other more. And by that I mean they like to chew on each other's hands and kick the other one in the face.

Geez Charlotte your hand tastes yummy

Our house has been plagued by the head cold/cough/teething for the last week and it is brutal. I have started to come down with it so I'm trying my best to fight it off. But let's be real a lack of sleep just wears down your body.

Get off of me Marshall

My sweet Libby is coming to spend the night on Saturday. My mom is taking B and Grayson to her house and Libby is staying with me and we will have some girl time and she will get in all the baby cuddles she wants.

Open house at daycare is tomorrow and Grayson is pumped. We will make a quick stop and then Michael, Grayson and I will be going grocery shopping. My mom and sister are staying home with the babies because open house falls right during our power hour (aka the time they eat get a bath and go to bed)

He loves to hold his Sissy like this

I still sometimes look at Michael and say "Babe we have twin, we have 3 kids!!!" It still just amazes me the blessing that God has given us and while we all have bad days I'm so so so grateful he trusted us with these 3 nuggets.

I was signing that song "Have I told you lately that I love you" to Grayson and I sang "There is no one else above you" and he stopped me and said "Um excuse me Mommy, there is someone above me it's God and Jesus and they watch over me"  Can't argue with that sweet boy

That's all for now!
I'm pretty sure I might get a Friday Favorites post done for tomorrow.