4 & 5 months

The sweetest little twins are now 4 months  5 months old!!! Time slow it on down for me will you?!?!

My sweet Charlotte,

Oh baby girl you are fiesty. You went from calm sweet baby to my bossy one overnight. You will be heard! You are pretty selective with your smiles but when you give one out watch out it is the best ever. You favor Mommy over anyone but Daddy is a close second. Your nicknames are Char Char and Sissy or Charlips. We are crazy get used to it. You weigh 13 pounds 3 ounces and your 25 inches. Your just a tiny thing.But have the best leg rolls. And neck rolls. I eat you up all the time.
You love oatmeal and still fight the bottle sometimes. We just started carrots and watch out baby girl you gobble them up. Your big brother gets some smiles out of you but mostly you just watch and observe his crazy ways, your little brother your still not sure about you just stare at him like "who is this other baby?" You roll over back to front but mostly just sqwak when we put you on tummy time. Your head control is getting good and we are so close to being able to throw you in  the jumper roo. You love being in the Ergo. This is helpful when we go to busy places and that giant stroller of ours would get in the way, or when I need to cook dinner and your losing your mind I throw you in it and bam we are golden. Your doing good at daycare and that makes your mommy's heart happy. Your fine mortor skills are awesome. You pick things up and stare at them and if you don't have a toy to grab you will grab your sussy or dress and hold it up to your face. You do things in your own time and we just kind of roll with it. I will be honest it is hard not to compare you to your brothers but I promise I'm working and praying about this. I love you sweet girl. You melt me in ways that are so different form you brothers. I can't wait to see who you become. My blue eyed (pretty sure these are staying around they have just gotten darker blue) red headed fiesty child I love you.

My sweet Marshall,

Oh baby boy. You have changed so much. From being fussy all the time to being the happiest baby alive. You still fuss don't get me wrong but the second we walk by you so you can see us and say your name you get the biggest most dimply smile ever. You will be trouble with that smile and I'm sure it will get you out of trouble too. You absolutly adore your big brother. He makes your world go round and you search for him all the time. You love your sissy too because if she is laying next to you on the mat you love to stare and smile at her. Your nicknames are Marshy, Marshy Moo, Bruber, and Marshmellow. You weigh 14 pounds 13 ounces and are 25 inches long. You are a chunk and solid. I love your sweet sweet way that you just coo at me sometimes. And you love to watch your brother sing and dance. Sometimes when your fussy and I'm busy (ya know feeding your sister)  I will ask Grayson to dance for you and you just deep belly laugh the whole time he does. You didn't like cereal as much at first but once we switched to oatmeal you gobbeled it up. You for sure drink more formula than your sister, but you don't always sleep as good. You do good at daycare too and are all smiles when I come get you at the end of the day. I'm just so thankful for you. For your sweet smiles that  make anything bad better and for the way you are with Grayson. You adoring him so much has helped with the transition to twins for him so much easier. I love you sweet boy. My little one (by 2 mins) my blone hair blue eyed dimple boy.