Friday Favorites- Twin Stuff Edition

Happy Friday!
Linking up with Andrea for some Friday Favorites

I said I was going to write this post a few months ago and time got away from me, plus some things have changed to here are our 4/5 month favorites for the twins.


I know what your thinking- I have two babies and can only carry one. Well I hardly ever adventure out to do things without a helper and so we each wear one baby. Usually my mom, but my cousin comfortably wore Miss Charlotte when we went to a local park/beach one weekend and it worked out beautifully. I like these over a double stroller (see #2) because in large crowded areas or area's where the wheels don't do the best (like apple picking) wearing the babies is just easier, and plus side, they love it! 


Yup I sometimes push this giant thing around. We took it to the zoo and it worked out beautifully. It's not cheap but it's worth it. Plus there is a ton of underneath storage. And our carseats work with it so that was nice. Grayson can stand on it and it grows with the babies.


This is my husbands favorite, hands down. We had this chair with Grayson and used it all the time. I mean.all.the.time. It can be a rocker or the bottom bar flips out to make it a stationary chair! So when we found out we were having twins I ordered a second one and we use these all day every day. We feed them in these chairs and put them in these chairs for cat naps, they watch their big brother dance around like a crazy fool and we can transport them from room to room in these chairs! We just plain love these things! Plus a ton of my pictures of them they are sitting in these. 


We had this from Grayson. Another thing we use everyday. Listen babies spit up, and slobber and sneeze out gross stuff. This is easily wiped down when all that stuff happens. 9 times out of 10 when you walk in our house this is out on the floor and the kiddos are rolling around on it. So worth the $45.00 in my opinion. Plus once they are done being on the floor like that we can use it for a picnic blanket!


These bowls and these spoons. We feed them cereal 2 times a day and so I ordered some cheap bowls and spoons. I ordered double so that we were not scrambling for them and I knew that Grayson would be using the bowls too and we love them. They wash awesome and they are a great size to be able to mix the cereal up in.

Fisher Price Jumper Roo
I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat but my husband says no and really we don't have the space but seriously the babies love this thing. Grayson loved it too and I knew that once they had the head control we would use it and we do! Dinner time is now a little easier because we don't have to hold the babies we put one in this and one in their chair watching the other one jumping. 

Other things that they have out grown that were lifesavers when they were newborns
Rock and Play
And we got the snugga puppy one because it was $10.00 cheaper!!! I love the extra support for the head 

love the snuggler covers they are so soft! We used these a ton when they were small because they would cat nap in these on the couch. 

So those are our favorites so far!

Happy Friday!