Looking to 2015

I like the idea of a new year. It's a fresh start (even if it's only in my head) to do things you want to do.

My goals this year are of a variety. My mind frame has changed since last year. I'm working toward a different goal than I was 365 days ago.

So with out anymore blah blahing here is what I'm focusing on in 2015

Soaking it in. I want to take in every little thing. I want to remember how G's nose scrunches up when he fake laughs at a joke he doesn't get. I want to remember it all. God willing we will have another child at some point and so I want to get all of these special moments burned in my brain of just Grayson.

Write in a happiness journal. I bought a 5 year happiness journal a long time ago. It sits in my drawer untouched. So I want to write every night before bed. I have moved it to my bed side table and put a cute pen with it. I'm going to write one memory or thought of happiness.

Get healthy and fit. I'm still lugging around some baby weight. I will get it off this year. I will work out not just to lose weight but because when I do it consistently I feel better, I'm happier, I sleep better it's just good all around

Think before I speak. Full disclosure here I can snap. Like I get upset, hurt, mad and bam I snap right back and it can be ugly. Mostly my poor husband gets the wrath of this and so I'm going to think before I speak.

Go to Church at least twice a month. Listen I applaud people who go every week. But my Husband works every weekend and some days it's just not in the cards. I have not been to church in a long long time and I want to go back. I stopped going because we got a new pastor and I didn't feel welcomed at church when she was there. In November we were at a craft show when my Mom started talking to an old friend and one thing led to another and we were introduced to the new pastor at our church. I clicked with her and so we are making our way back to church.

Create magic for Grayson. I want to have special magical moments for him. And listen he is (almost)2 so magic to him is a day of playdoh so I'm going to get creative and magical with him at least twice a month. I want special Mommy Grayson moments.

Pay off debt. This is a huge focus for us in 2015. I feel like we are so focused and determined. This plan of Dave Ramsey's has changed the way we think about money in just 2 short months and it has changed our relationship. I feel like we communicate more and better and in a kinder way. We are finally on the same page and it's amazing!

So please share!! I love other peoples goals!