Friday Favorites-Traditions

Friday Favorites and this list includes all of my favorite holiday traditions and products!!! Happy Holidays and don't forget to link up with Andrea for today!

Cookie Exchange
We did this this two weekends ago and I love it. The kids really get into decorating and it's nice to only have to make one or two kinds of cookies but get 6 different to take home. Plus I'm a sucker for good memories and anytime we are with family that is what happens.

Two Christmas'
Okay so this started when my niece was born but we do Christmas with my brother and his family the Sunday before Christmas. This gives us a ton of time with them and it is just more relaxed. Plus we have so much yummy food. I love this time with them and the kids getting there gifts and enjoying them because they don't have to rush to the next place is the highlight for me

Just the 3 of us. 
Once we had Grayson we decided to do Christmas morning at our house and then head to my parents for gifts and brunch. I love that time in the morning just the 3 of us. We cook Cinnamon rolls, make coffee and open gifts. We still get to my parents around 8:30(because my kid thinks sleeping in is 6) and enjoy another round of presents there but those few hours just us has always been a favorite of mine. 

Christmas Eve
This is the big night with my Mom's side of the family. We head to my Aunt's house exchange gifts then head to my Uncles house for a huge party. There is so much food and family it makes my heart happy. Plus this is when my Mama makes her pizza bread and I overeat until I can't walk. 

Christmas Brunch
We do brunch and it's my favorite. Eggs, french toast, Cinnamon rolls, donut, cheesy potatoes, sausage, bacon, toast, you name it we have it. This time is so special for me because me and dad usually run it and do most of the cooking. It's memories I have of being a young girl and cooking with my dad. I'm excited to share all of this with Grayson.

Some other tradition worth mentioning
We always always always watch It's a Wonderful Life while wrapping presents
I have at least one glass of egg nog during the season
We get new jimmy jams for Christmas morning 
Santa gives one gift in our house and it is usually the bigger gift and not wrapped
We do stockings but fun little things like socks and crayons plus a snack
We give an ornament every year
Riley (our black lab) gets gifts too
We open gifts by age youngest to oldest I can't imagine doing it any other way
Setting out cookies for Santa is a must and we do reindeer food too (oatmeal and glitter)
Yes we do the Elf but Elf light this year as in he just moves around no funky business yet

Now two of my favorite Candles that Scream CHRISTMAS!!!!

Bath and Body works candles just make me happy
Fresh Balsam 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
Fresh Balsam
I love this one since we have an artificial tree it still brings the "christmas" smell to my house!
 Winter Candy Apple 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works

Winter Candy Apple
This one is really a winter scent for me and I use it until March.

They are on sale for $12 so stock up!