Grayson Michael

My sweet baby was born on March 19,2013.

It was the best day of my life. 
I was due on March 17,2013
From week 20 I measured 3 weeks ahead of my due date. 
At my 38 week appointment we talked about induction because of my size so we had an ultrasound at week 39 to measure our peanut ( we did not find out the sex ahead of time). They guessed that peanut was 8lbs 5oz. My midwife agreed to start induction on Monday the 18th.
Off to the hospital we went at 4:00 pm where they admitted me and got me hooked up to the monitors and to my surprise I was contracting every 5-7 mins but was not dialated. They decided to hold off on cervadil and just start pitocin in the morning. They gave me a nice little pill to help me sleep and it was heaven!!!!
The next morning at 7:30 they started my iv of pitocin and kept upping the dose every half hour by noon I was on the highest dose having contractions every 3 mins ( but feeling hardly anything) and still NO dialating. The decision was made after monitoring the baby and seeing peanuts heart rate drop with each contraction that it was time for a c-section.

At 1pm I was being wheeled into the sterile room alone but at peace. I had the best team ever and once they gave me my spinal my rock my husband came into hold my hand. I heard them say wow this is a big baby ( my midwife had to put all her weight on my stomach to help push him out) 
And then the anesthesiologist pulled down the sheet and there they held up our son!!! I cried as I kissed Michael And then Demanded that he go with him. They finally brought him over to me and I got to kiss my precious baby boy. They took him away to clean and weigh him and it felt like ages until they called down to give me his measurements and I was floored
Grayson Michael weighed 10 pounds 4 ounces and was 21 inches long (see those ultrasounds can be off!!!)
He is our everything and I'm so in love