Busy Busy

OK 2 posts in one day look at me go!!!!

I feel like ever since June hit we have been over the top BUSY!!!!

We have been busy every weekend since June 1st.
Between my birthday my sisters birthday Grayson's baptism, father's day and all kind of parties we are always on the go go go. This weekend/ upcoming week is no exception.

Tonight: Mow the lawn and weed gardens because honestly its the only free time we have( fingers crossed no rain!)

Friday: I have a nail appointment( I know I know it's selfish but I would die but I enjoy it)

Saturday: Grayson and I are off to a graduation party and I have to get laundry done My wonderful husband is going to finalize the plans for our new pool!!!! when he gets out of work.

Sunday Funday: We are having an engagement dinner for 2 couples. Yes 2 of our close couple friends got engaged in the last 2 weeks so we are celebrating with some brews and grill food!!

I honestly love being busy and seeing family and friends even more so now that we have Grayson because I'm just so proud to show off that gorgeous baby I we made...

I will try to update with pictures of the weekend and all our happenings but no promises.