Charlotte and Marshall- 15 month update

Oh babies 15 months does not seem possible 

I feel like 12 to 15 months has been such a huge change

Ladies first as always

Sissy girl you are just so amazing. But frustrating. When I came to write this update all I thought was when will you start sleeping through the night? We have started some horrible sleep habits with you and soon ( I dread) we will have to break those. You still have to be swaddled to fall asleep and you still have to be rocked ugh putting you to bed takes a good half an hour. And then your up multiple times a night and usually (read: always) end up in our bed. You are the most fitful sleeper ever. But gosh do we love you. We will figure this sleep thing out soon. Until then coffee and under eye concealer work wonders for your sleep issue side affects

You are walking all over the place and the new baby walk is my favorite belly out and wobbly. You live up to the hype of red hair because your personality is feisty and opinionated. You know who you like and don't like and you let it be known. If you don't want someone holding you you scream and wriggle until they put you down and then waddle over to a safe person usually me. You rule over your brothers and if they don't give into you well you pull their hair so we have been working very hard on being nice giving hugs and not always getting what we want.

You are a good eater you still prefer meat and veggies to carbs (so not my child) you gobble up meatballs and sausage. Eggs top your list too. Lima beans and green beans are your favorite. You like warm food over cold food so lunch meat is not your favorite unless I heat it up first. You still drink milk 3 times a day and you do okay with it. You love water and drink first thing when waking up. You got put on a stool softener and so now every morning on your way into school you get a small amount of milk to get that in your system although it's so not helping. So we will see what comes from that whole situation

Grayson is your favorite person on this planet. When you two see each other for the first time you wrap your arms around his neck or waist and just squeeze with the biggest smile on your face. He can get you to smile and calm down better than anyone and you listen when he tells you not to throw your food on the floor. You live for bath time will stop dead in your tracks for the movie Trolls and always booty shake to the hot dog song. You love Marshall and the two of you babble back and forth all day. You have become quite the mama's girl over the last few weeks. You reach for me over everyone and you hate to be taken from me. If I'm in the room you need to be next to me. Often times you like to just climb up on the couch and sit so our legs touch because you just like to be next to me. That warms my heart baby girl. Boys are always so on the go but you my sweet girl love to just be with me and sit on my lap or hold my hand next to me on the couch. You greet me at the gate when I come home and I love it you scream with your hands in the air like your squeezing lemons until I pick you up and then you lay your head on my shoulder. I dream of that moment all day when I'm at work because it does wonders for my heart

You have 9 teeth with 5 more coming in. Sweet baby Jesus hold me because your miserable when teething and you drool like crazy. Your still in 12 month clothing purely for length because your waist is still in a 6/9 month. You have the curliest craziest red hair and these crystal blue eyes. Heart breaker for sure. You say ball mama dada bubba hi and more. And you babble all the live long day I swear you say I love you but in baby gibberish. You will walk right up to us and just start talking and pointing it sounds like jdkjaldjlakjf  but you get such a serious look on your face when we don't respond your really trying to tell us something.

Your nicknames are pretty much the same Sissy is the front runner but Sis comes out a ton as does Charpa Narper (that one is all your daddy) Char Char, Charliper dooos (we are crazy) and Peanut.

We love you sweet girl and you bring us so much happiness. You hang with your brothers and walk around with a purse on your shoulder while rocking a baby and then you walk up to one of them and grab the truck out of their hand and rip their hair out all while wearing your brothers baseball hat. Balance. I can't wait to watch you grow my love. I'm nothing but honored to be your Mommy.Love you Sweet Sissy Girl!

Don't tell the others Marsh but your my favorite. You are still a rockstar sleeper. 11-12 hours every night and 3 hour nap everyday. You wake up happy 95% of the time and the other 5% you just need a little bit of cuddles and your fine. Actually now that I'm thinking of it your only cranky when you wake up and don't see Grayson. Again he is your favorite person. You just love him but you will always always hug mama first.

You have been walking since you were 11 months old and so well you run everywhere now. Grayson walks you into daycare for me and you hold hands and it is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen. You think your carseat is acid and arch your back all the time. You get attached pretty quickly to people and are the best snuggler. However you always know mommy or daddy which we love. But if the person who is holding you leaves you cry you just love big. You give the best hugs and picked up on the whole be nice super quick. You hug and then lay your head on whoever is by you when you hear be nice. You also have a nice patting thing that you do it is really sweet.

Your language is bursting in baby gibberish. However you understand ev.ery.th.ing we say. I can hand you a roll of paper towels from the back room and say "bring it to daddy marshall" and you walk it right to the kitchen gate where daddy is waiting for it. You hand me diapers, shoes, toys, odd bits you find anywhere and shove your sussy (paci) in my mouth 98098 times a day. You can say mama, dada, ball, bubba, uh oh, and you sake your head no and yes when we say those words to you

You are the climber and if the gate to the stairs is left open you are up them in the blink of an eye. Just last week daddy lost you in the house because he left the gate open and you were upstairs just walking from room to room. You love to climb on the furniture and just a few days ago mastered getting down safely instead of you know a nose dive off.

Again Grayson is your most favorite person. You just want to be near him and if he leaves a room your done and melt into a puddle on the floor. He has already taught you how to vroom a car and so anytime you see one you squat down and vroo vroo that puppy everywhere.  You are a dancer. I mean you hear ever a little bit of music and you start to dance. You spin around hands in the hair and booty drop. Saturday mornings we put on CMT just so you can dance with Grayson. It is so sweet.

Your a great eater. You eat everything. You love carbs like your mama and if we give you something like pasta and meatballs you eat the pasta first and then work on the meatballs. You still only have 5 teeth and you struggle big time when you teeth. Your in size 18 month clothing because you are so solid. Your feet are like little bricks. You weigh a full 4 pounds more than you sister my chunky baby. You have the best blue eyes and the best blonde hair. It lays so nice and grows so fast. And when it gets long enough it starts to curl in the back.You go this week for your second hair cut and while I hate to cut it because it's so awesome it is constantly in your eyes.

Your nicknames are Marsh Marsh, Marshy, Marshy Moo, Brubba, and Nugget.

You are my goofy kid and my sweet one. You have the best dimple smile and the sweetest little lips I just love you. I'm so blessed God chose me to be your Mama. Love you Marshy Boy!