Christmas Traditions

I'm sharing some Christmas traditions today. 

Our tree
I love our tree and all it's hodge podge-ness.
This was Grayson's first Christmas but now we have two babies going after the tree.

We have a pretty big collection of ornaments and add to it every year. 
Plus seeing the way Grayson's eyes light up when we turn it on is awesome.
He has told me every day since we put it up that he just loves our tree and it's so beautiful. Plus anyone that walks in he asks "Do you like me tree? Isn't is so pretty?"

Cookie exchange
Every year my mom, aunt, cousin, sister and myself all get together and exchange and decorate cookies. We each bring a cookie to share and my aunt brings the cut outs unfrosted and we let the kids go crazy and frost them all which lasts about half an hour tops and then I usually finish them all up. Everyone heads home with a nice plate of cookies but didn't have to spend all day in the kitchen! 
Last year making cookies!

Our elf!

Leo is back this year and I think this is the first year that Grayson gets it. He looks for him every morning. Leo came back and on his first visit brought matching jammies for all the kiddos and candy canes for our tree. Now a few things to note. One our elf is not crazy. He moves and sometimes brings a treat or two but he does not make salt or sugar angels or anything fancy. Nobody in our house has the time or energy for that. 

Gingerbread house.
Leo does bring us a gingerbread house one day and we love to make this as a family. 
PS I buy the one that comes put together because I do not have the patience to put it together so we just get the joy of decorating!
Last years gingerbread house. Leo will be bringing our this weekend.

Michael's Work Christmas party

Michael's work always throws the most amazing Christmas party. They have it at a local banquet hall. They provide the most amazing dinner. Plus Santa comes and brings all the kids 14 and under a gift. It's amazing and beautiful.This year was special because my parents got to come with us. The owner of the company graciously extended the invitation to them so that we had a few extra set of hands with all our kids and it was wonderful. Here are the kids with Santa and us before the party.
Sissy will not smile in family pictures for anything. She is the grumpy cat in all family pictures

Yes Santa has panic in his eyes because Sis is about to pull that beard off.!

This was the first time he sat on his lap without tears!!! He's growing up!

Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning. Since before I can remember we have cinnamon rolls while we open gifts. This is one of the traditions we have carried on and so while we watch Grayson open his gifts (and now the babies) we sip coffee and bite into those delicious treats!